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Teenage Manuscript Consultants

Here to provide a young perspective on your unpublished manuscripts and help you write the best, most realistic books possible.

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Calling all authors!
As an adult, you may be a couple of years away from the teen mindset. We are here to help! Whether you are looking to see if a character is realistic or just want comments on your book in general, our group of consultants is prepared to advise you. Our teens will be able to give you a unique perspective on your writing, whatever it may be: picture books, middle grade, and young adult novels. Come up with your own list of questions or ask us to give you our own. We are here to work with you. This summer, our team is taking on manuscripts as a service project for school. We can't wait to hear from you!
-Karina Lazorchak, Founder-

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Our Consultants



High School Senior

Karina has experience editing manuscripts, both in terms of general comments and specific line-by-line edits. She enjoys reading and writing, and plans to major in English in the future. Her favorite genre is historical fiction. Her other hobbies include playing the bass guitar and baking. She believes, unlike one of her sixth grade teachers, that graphic novels are real books, too!


High School Senior

Elizabeth is eager to learn about the writing process by participating in this project. Her favorite literary genre is high fantasy, and she hopes to explore other types of fiction, as well. Her other hobbies include playing the violin, bullet journaling, and studying chess. She plans to study literature and history in the future, and wants to travel to Antarctica, which is the only continent she has not visited.


High School Senior

Camila has mostly been on the writing side of the writing process, but she has helped friends edit their works as well. Her favorite genre is realistic fiction, and she appreciates many types of writing, especially novels, scripts, and poetry. In college, she plants to learn more about her focuses and may end up majoring in psychology and attending law school sometime in the future. Her hobbies include reading, writing, piano, acting, games, watching TV, and editing your manuscripts!

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Editing Request

Enter some basic information regarding your manuscript, and you will be contacted by one of our teenage editors via email within a week. You will then be able to ask specific questions and share your book with them directly.

Thanks for submitting!

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